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I Just Noticed That Rosie HW’s Best Looks All Follow One Very Simple Formula

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If we were to make a list of celebrity closets we’d like to raid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s might just be number one. The model perfectly toes the line between sleek and statement, often stepping out in wearable looks we’re desperate to re-create. And after spending months lusting after Rosie’s outfits, I’ve noticed that many of her best looks actually follow a very simple formula. The model starts with a base of minimalist wardrobe staples (such as tailored black pants, a black bodysuit, etc.) and pairs these items against one must-have, statement piecelike a leopard-print coat or crystal-embellished shoe. 

Over the weekend, Rosie wore not one but four looks that follow this exact rule, proving that it’s a foolproof way to emulate the model’s style. For an evening outing, Rosie elevated a classic LBD with the addition of crystal-covered shoes, and for the daytime, Rosie donned two separate statement-making coats (hello, new-season Bottega!) over all-black base looks. 

Considering many of us already have closets full of classic wardrobe staples, now seems like a good a time as any to add a few statement pieces. Keep scrolling to see Rosie’s most recent looks and shop key pieces in her wardrobe. 


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