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I Just Tried the Best-Selling Concealer in America—Here’s What I Thought

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As you can see from the before photo, pregnancy hormones have not been kind to my skin lately. While I experienced a little of that rumoured pregnancy glow during the second trimester, the breakouts have well and truly come out to play as I enter my final few weeks. Despite this, I tend to veer away from totally full coverage concealers for fear that they will look cakey and unnatural on my skin, so I was definitely dubious about using the Tarte concealer, especially as it’s also described as having a matte finish.

I have to say, though, that this concealer really is worth the hype. Yes, it is full coverage (and great if there are areas of your skin that you’re looking to cover up), but thanks to a formula enriched with mango seed and shea butter, it manages to mesh naturally with the skin and provides a subtle, luminous finish. In fact, I really wouldn’t describe this as a matte concealer at all. I found it best applied with a Beautyblender (as I find is the case with most liquid concealers), but once it was on, I was really impressed with how it stuck around all day—even under my eyes and around my nose which is where I find concealer tends to fade first on me. (Oh, and FYI, I’m in shade 20S Light Sand.)

Yes, this concealer might sell a tube every 12 seconds worldwide, but I can totally see why.

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