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I Looked Through Thousands of Dresses and Boots to Find the 25 Best Ones

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Yes, it’s happening: Colder weather is here. So it’s time to do the big shoe switch. I’ve spent the whole summer trying out any sandals I can get my hands on. I even ditched my usual mules or strappy pairs for chunky Spice Girl–esque styles and accidentally (with no regrets, FYI) fell in love with Velcro Teva sandals. However, I’m willing to now give them all up in favour of fresh new-season boots. With this being said, I’m not willing to stick to a jeans-and-trousers only wardrobe from here on out.

Instead, I’m all about teaming my favourite summer dresses or new autumn frocks with boots. I’m not the only one either—some of my favourite Instagram girls have been opting to do the same.

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