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I Love Vintage Sportswear—Here’s How to Find the Best Bits

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I could lie and say that my obsession with sportswear, and it is an obsession, has been ignited due to the pandemic and 2020’s nostalgia-fest, but it’s not. I went to a school in Sheffield where I could wear anything I wanted, and during the late ’90s, Adidas trousers, Kappa jackets and Calvin Klein jumpers were daily wardrobe staples. It didn’t matter the gender—anyone could wear these items—and I loved that because it took the pressure off trying to feel “sassy.” You got immediate cool points for wearing three stripes. But it’s more than that. During that time, Britpop pin-ups Damon Albarn and Liam Gallagher both were regularly spotted wearing Reebok and Adidas T-shirts. AllSaints, the coolest girl group of the ’90s (don’t @ me), wore oversize, sporty, combats with strappy tops too. Since those days, I’ve always loved this style of sportswear. I have amassed a small collection of pieces that I wear on repeat, including a pair of Adidas trousers, a jacket and a T-shirt, plus a Champion cap for good measure.

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