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I Only Had One Haircut in 2020, But This Product Is Keeping My Hair Healthy

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From trimming my own fringe to learning to embrace my ever-increasing grey hairs, 2020 was a real journey of self-discovery when it came to my hair—with plenty of lessons learnt along the way. (Namely that it isn’t possible to cut your own hair into a sharp, sleek bob using just a pair of kitchen scissors and without a mirror.) Thankfully, I quickly realised that dramatic restyles weren’t my area of expertise and instead turned my attention to finding the best at-home hair products to keep my strands feeling healthy when they’re well overdue a haircut. The result of my search? It turns out I’ve been neglecting an entire category of haircare until now and these underrated products have been making a big difference to my hair—especially as I’ve only managed to visit the hairdresser’s once in the last twelve months.

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