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I Think These 7 Classic Knits Belong in Every Winter Wardrobe

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Often, when we’re getting dressed, we find ourselves lacking in the basic items that a wardrobe work so much harder. After all, it’s usually the simplest things that make more directional garments look premium—be it a blazer, well-cut jeans or the perfect boot. And this certainly applies to knitwear.

While there’s undoubtedly many natty knitwear trends on offer this winter season, which we’ve already give our consideration to, there’s nothing quite so rewarding as cultivating a classic knitwear collection. We’re talking about the jumpers and cardigans that will never date, and that you can feel happy about investing in, confident in the knowledge you’re giving them a forever home. 

So, which knitwear falls under the timeless category? Keep scrolling to discover the best classic knitwear that’ll unlock endless outfit potential. 

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