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I Tried Over 35 Eyebrow Products—These Are the Ones I’d Recommend

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It’s honestly through no fault of my own that I’m not blessed in the eyebrow department. I didn’t even over pluck them in my teenage years, in order to replace them with a swipe of black eyeliner. (Side note: Why was that ever a thing?) Don’t get me wrong I do have brows, they’re just very fine, but growing by the day thanks to a nightly application of a castor and rosemary oil mix.

For a long time, I just did the bare minimum with them and because my makeup routine takes long enough, I have no energy to spend more than a few minutes on my eyebrows. However, as a diligent beauty aficionado, it’s time to break out of my comfort zone and embrace more of a defined look.

Eyebrow trends are subject to change, but in general, the emphasis should just be placed on shaping what you already have. Gone are the days of the blocky Insta-Brow (which utilised six products)—it’s now all about embracing your natural brows and elevating them with the helping hand of some great products.

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