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I Tried the At-Home Face-Lifting Device Jennifer Aniston’s Facialist Created

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Now, I realise that at just under £500, the sticker shock of this sleek little skincare device is enough to make anyone’s stomach twist with nausea. That said, you have to understand one very important thing: This is not your average facial device. Pretty much every time you use it, you’re getting an in-office level treatment from the comfort of your home and in significantly less time. Obviously, with continued use the results will just get better and better over time, but in just a day, week, and month of using my own ZIIP, my face, if I do say so myself, has become significantly more sculpted and lifted, brighter, more even, smoother, dewier, and plumper. Basically, every skin perk I’d been dreaming of but thus far unable to attain from my skincare regimen alone. 

Essentially, this travel-friendly, palm-sized device (think a far chicer version of a Mac mouse) delivers the same benefits of an in-office electrical nanocurrent facial from the comfort of your couch or bed. (Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston swear by these kinds of facials for their taught and glowy skin, by the way.) 

“Think of your ZIIP as an exquisitely beautiful battery that creates a circuit with your skin,” the brand explains on its website. “Our groundbreaking, patented technology is able to deliver intelligent energy beneath the skin’s surface to create change on a cellular level.” Using nanocurrents (think teeny electrical currents that sync to your body’s own frequency, the device actually communicates with your skin cells to generates more collagen elastin (plumpness!), decrease the onset of breakouts, boost circulation, accelerate wound healing, and heal and repair compromised skin tissue.

Even more amazing? You can actually customise the electric treatment you receive by pairing your device with its app on your smartphone and going from there. Depending on what your skin needs, there are eight different treatments to choose from—be it the four-minute Vital Eyes option targeting puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines, or a Total Clearing option, (my personal favourite). which does battle against acne and can span from one to eight minutes. Quite truly, it’s brilliant. It’s also worth pointing out that your ZIIP comes pre-programmed with the Energise treatment, so, even if someone doesn’t own a smartphone, or has one but refuses to use it (ahem, my mum), they can get in on the magic.

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