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I Tried This Styling Rule for a Week and Felt Like I Had a Whole New Wardrobe

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I moved to London from Australia with precisely one suitcase. In it I packed a few jumpers, several skirts, multiple pairs of jeans and (very naïvely) a single winter coat. Having a rather limited wardrobe means that everything in my closet has to work double-time, as each of my items need to be versatile enough to cater to both my work and weekend attire. It also means that I need to be creative with my pairings, developing new ways to wear items I’ve owned for years. 

Luckily, the streets of London provide a slew of daily inspiration as I’m constantly observing the interesting ways other people put outfits together. (Yes, the tube might be packed, but it’s also filled with #OOTD ideas if you just look closely enough.)  

I’ve noticed my fellow Londoners are avid fans of the tonal look and have regularly spotted people on the streets in outfits based on oneclear  colour theme. From white jeans paired with oatmeal jumpers to chic burgundy slip dresses with matching oxblood trench coats, there isn’t a colour they won’t try, even in the colder months. 

So, in the name of fashion and a limited wardrobe, I decided to put myself to the test, trailing four days of tonal looks using items I already own. Surprisingly, it’s given me a new perspective on the potential outfit options hiding in my pre-existing collection of clothes and has definitely made me want to embrace the use of bright colours. Keep scrolling to see how I’m making the most of my minimal wardrobe by finding new ways to wear my favourite things.  

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