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If You Hate Heavy Facial SPFs, These Tinted Formulas Are Worth Knowing About

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No, facial SPF is not the one, but we have to wear it. And I have definitely settled on my favourite formulas that I know not to stray from. However, this year there’s a new type of facial SPF on the scene and I am all in. For days like these when applying a full face of makeup seems counterintuitive but I still want to feel like myself, I’ve been opting for tinted SPFs.

Before this year, I must admit that the idea of pore-clogging, breakout-inducing tinted SPF would send shivers down my spine, but the new formulas are different. Sitting much closer on the spectrum toward high-protection skincare as opposed to makeup, they keep skin looking and feeling like yours and sometimes even offer up a bit more of a bronzed glow. Like what you read? Keep scrolling for the tinted SPF formulas that I’m wearing day in, day out.

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