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If You Love Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, You’ll Want to Try the New Serum

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And I can vouch for it. Over the past week or so, I have been using Magic Serum every single day before applying my makeup, and honestly, it’s all I ever wanted. It delivers the perfecting qualities of Magic Cream (glowing hydration, refined pores, smoothed texture), just without the threat of oily breakouts.

My only niggle? Much like the original Magic Cream, I’m still not entirely sure how it fits into an evening routine. While the brand recommends application both morning and night, a quick glance over the ingredient list leaves me conflicted. Sure, both products are jam-packed with skin-loving goodness, but they also contain perfecting ingredients that could be potentially pore-clogging and are largely unnecessary for pre-bed application. However, if you’re willing to accept Magic Serum purely as a daytime skin-prepping product, I really do struggle to fault it.

So whether you have experienced a similar longing to join in on the Magic Cream fun or you simply want to up the ante when it comes to your base, if you ask me, this new serum is definitely worth your time. 

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