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If You’ve Got Big Boobs, These Are the Swimwear Brands I’d Recommend

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There are a few brands—both new and old, mass market and independent—that I would recommend to anyone else full of bosom. But there are also certain fabrics and cuts that are worth keeping an eye out for…

1. Anything adjustable is always a good idea. The more you can tailor your fit, the better.

2. Anything with thicker straps will support your boobs more—this is good timing because sportier styles are in.

3. Stretch fabrics like crinkly ones are really good for adapting to curves, even if you buy a smaller size.

4. Try to mix and match your bottoms and the top half in order to find the right size for both. It may be that you’re bigger up top but wouldn’t want the matching size bikini briefs.

5. Look for a little extra coverage. But not because you “need” to cover up. Quite the opposite—it’s about making the most of your fab assets, and that teeny tiny triangle bikini is unlikely to support well (unless it has lots of hidden wiring, sidebands etc).

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