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I’m a Beauty Editor, and This Is My Daily Beauty Routine From Start to Finish

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I have to admit that by beauty editor standards, my beauty routine is relatively low-key. Don’t get me wrong—I love an at-home beauty treatment just as much as the next person, but finding the time to sit down and spend hours upon hours tending to my skin, hair, nails and makeup isn’t so easy. And besides the time aspect of things, I also find myself getting bored very quickly. If you ask me, I’d say that my daily beauty routine is just like any other person’s, but perhaps with just a bit more product variety.

Then, every so often, I get a reality check. It turns out that actually, for most, a structured beauty routine doesn’t go that far beyond a daily cleansing (often just with a face wipe or micellar water) and moisturising. But that was before. Now, everyone seems to be itching to invest some of their recently freed-up time in their beauty routines.

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