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I’m a Beauty Editor and This Is the One Skincare Ingredient I Can’t Be Without

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As a beauty editor, there are only so many times you can harp on about the importance of looking after your skin barrier before you send a room to sleep. The truth is, while us beauty eds love geeking out over the sciencey stuff about skincare, the majority of people just want to know the basics. You know, the really necessary information like what ingredients the skin actually needs to maintain its health. Personally, the one beauty ingredient my skin genuinely can’t be without is ceramides.

Sure, I know that these things are different for everyone, but I genuinely believe (and have many experts to back me up) that every single one of us should be using ceramide-based beauty products whenever and wherever we can. And let me be clear, this isn’t beauty fluff, this is the real deal. If you want healthy, plump, glowing skin, ceramides should really be at the very heart of your skincare routine. In fact, since I started incorporating ceramides into basically every product I use, my skin has never looked healthier. And I know what you’re thinking: What exactly are ceramides?! Well, let me explain. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know.

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