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I’m a Coat Obsessive—These Are the Ones I Want for Spring

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It’s safe to say that I’m a bit of a collector when it comes to fashion. Although the idea of a perfect capsule wardrobe is what I long for, in reality, I’ll probably always own multiple shoes in the same style and too many pairs of jeans. Then, there are coats. Shopping for a new style is something I look forward to each year, and now I have quite the collection I can pick and choose from.

With springtime on the horizon, I’m also thinking about raffia accessories and linen dresses. However, considering I live in the UK, it’s always about layering. I’ll forever pack an umbrella, sunglasses, and a light jacket into the same tote bag (who knows what else is in the depths of said bag)—no matter the season.

It’s also guaranteed that if I’m in the proximity of my mother, she’ll demand I take a cover-up with me wherever I go. But these are just some of the reasons coats aren’t only for winter. Fortunately, there are plenty of coats that loan themselves very well to carrying through to the (slightly) warmer months. Scroll below to shop the best spring coats, neatly categorised by 2021 trends

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