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I’m a Francophile, and I Think This is Hands Down the Chicest French Brand

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Hi, my name’s Maxine and I’m a Francophile. As proud as I am to be a born-and-bred Brit, there’s just something about French style that gets me every time. From the Gallic girls of days gone by to the contemporary icons filling my Instagram feed, I find myself trying to emulate their effortlessly chic dressing flair on a daily basis. 

To make my endeavour easier, I constantly turn to Rouje, the brand founded by French It girl (and my the woman I shamelessly style stalk) Jeanne Damas. With over a million Instagram followers, to say Jeanne is a fashion force to be reckoned with is a severe understatement. She has, in fact, become one of the most elite tastemakers of French style. With her unkempt hair and signature blurred red lip, she’s a bonafide beauty muse, too.  

However, as I previously touched upon, there’s more to this influencer than daily outfit posts, for she has built her own wardrobe empire. Born out of a desire to create her own closet, as well as being inspired by vintage wares, Jeanne founded Rouje.

Known for its elegant tea dresses and sophisticated separates, it didn’t take long for Rouje to catch the discerning eye of those in the sartorial know, with a fan-base boasting the likes of Emily Ratajkowski as well as social media titans Lucy Williams and Courtney Trop. 

Indeed, if you were to peer into my own wardrobe, you’d find several pieces from Rouje at the forefront. If you too yearn to be more French, keep scrolling to see the Rouje pieces influencers love and then proceed to shop my new-season wish-list for yourself. 

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