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I’m Going to 3 Weddings This Year—I Tried on 21 Dresses and Loved These 10

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I have never been so excited about wedding season. Emotionally speaking, I’m overjoyed that many of my friends who have had to postpone their weddings for almost two years are now getting to enjoy their big day. Sartorially speaking, it gives me the opportunity to finally put on a fancy frock and enjoy the love, fun, elegance and festivities that wedding season brings.

To get prepared for the upcoming ceremonies I’ll be attending this year (one is a black-tie affair, and the others are cocktail and semiformal), I tried on a plethora of pretty dresses—21 to be exact—to find the three that speak to me the most. Today, I wanted to share the styles that particularly stood out to me and would be ideal for a variety of weddings or special summer soirées. Take a peek below to see some of my absolute favourites I tried and get inspired for your next special event.

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