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Immune Boosters

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Is your immune system optimised during the Covid-19 pandemic? Are you really that strong to tackle the Coronavirus? In this article let’s talk about some of the top 5 immune-boosting vitamins that not only boost the immune system but also uplift the activity of cells, tissues, and organs that protect us from the microbes and help fight the diseases. The best-known immune boosters don’t just excite the defence mechanism of the body; they hone and reinforce them for a very long time. According to Dr. John McCarty, director of the Cellular Immunotherapies and Transplant program at the Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center, “You want to give the immune system a chance to react in its appropriately designed way. You don’t want to get in the way of it.” So, your immune system can surely get help in its job and functionality by: Exercising, Relieving stress, Having more sleep, Consuming a healthy diet, Increasing nutrients intake, Getting regular vaccinations, Avoiding alcohol intake and cessation of smoking.

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