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Introducing the TRIWA Comb-Over Watch

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What happens when an April Fools’ Day joke goes wrong? Well, it can end up being a silver lining – something that Scandinavian watch brand TRIWA have experienced on the back of their prank which saw a Donald Trump Comb-Over design. Due to such a massive response the brand received on their April Fools’ watch design they’ve now decided to move this into production. However, they need their customers who hyped about the watch to go ahead and pre-order the watch price £75/$99. They need at least 100 pre-orders to make it happen and therefore they need help to crowdfund this. If TRIWA reach the 100 orders by the 15th of April they will start production and have the watch delivered in 90 days. We’re pretty sure it’ll become a collectors’ item and make a mark in history. So, if you want this watch company to reach this goal and you’d like to become a unique owner of the TRIWA Comb-over watch, you know what to do!

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