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I’ve Ditched All of My Other Foundations for This New One

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A couple of years ago, cushion foundations were the beauty buzz items of the moment. In fact, you couldn’t open a magazine or walk past a Boots without the latest cushion foundation innovation slapping you in the face. Promising the coverage of a liquid foundation with the convenience of a powder compact, cushion foundations are a Korean beauty creation that promised to make it easy to achieve that perfected, glass-skin effect that’s so popular in Asia.

Of course, I was into the idea. Anything offering coverage and convenience is right up my street, so I got to work testing and trialling pretty much all of the cushion foundations out there. I have to say that I was mightily disappointed. Most of the cushion foundations that I tried offered the kind of coverage that I would expect from a tinted moisturiser (that is, not much), were messy to apply using the flat applicator and dried out insanely fast. Suffice to say, my predicted love affair with this cult K-beauty product didn’t even get off the ground and I quickly added cushion foundations to my list of beauty products that just don’t work for me.

A few weeks ago, though, a newly launched one landed on my desk and totally transformed the way that I thought about cushion foundations (in fact, all foundations—for good).

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