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I’ve Replaced My Wipes, Cotton Pads and Makeup Remover With This One Product

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But does it actually work? Turns out, yes. When soaked in water, the innovative HaloTech fibres trap makeup and remove it from your skin. Plus, they do a pretty decent job of cleaning your complexion and gently exfoliating. (Although I couldn’t forgo cleansing entirely in favour of Face Halo—it’s too much of a relaxing evening ritual for me.) I was so surprised at how effectively this little pad removed all traces of makeup from my skin without any pulling or tugging.

The only thing I will say is that after one use my Face Halo was totally covered in makeup and needed a wash before its next use. Each pack comes with three pads inside, but I’m not always on top of my washing (understatement of the year), so I bought an extra pack so I can use a clean FaceHalo each day and then wash all the dirty ones as part of my weekly clothes wash.

And while my makeup removal method of choice was previously a cotton pad and micellar water combo, I can genuinely say that removing my makeup using a Face Halo has replaced the need for cotton pads, makeup removers and face wipes entirely.

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