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Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver Front Dynamite’s First #IAmDynamite Campaign

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Photograph courtesy of Dynamite

We caught up with the pair to talk fall trends and how they make themselves feel dynamite.

Today, Canadian retailer Dynamite kicks off its newest campaign with two familiar faces – Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver. The models (who also happen to be best friends and business partners) front the new fall collection, and are also the first duo to star in the brand’s new #IAmDynamite muse series.

Photograph courtesy of Dynamite

The series “encourages customers to bring their aspirations to life,” says the brand – a message that clearly resonates with both women. “I love the message that [Dynamite is] spreading to empower women to strive to be their best selves,” says Tookes, adding that the similarities between the messaging of the campaign and the Instagram-based, lifestyle-focused community she and Skriver have built on Instagram called JoJa, “were too great to ignore.” On the topic of aspirations, we ask, having achieved so much already, what’s next for the pair to conquer? Tookes say she wants to build JoJa out into a “full lifestyle brand” and hints that something big is coming. “We are currently in the process of building something that we are both very excited to share with the world and hope that it can inspire and bring together many women. It’s a lot of work to stay healthy from the inside out, the mental load for women today never stops. So we like to remind ourselves that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, we need to take breaks for ourselves, too, but the end result is going to be spectacular.” For Skriver, the ultimate achievement “is happiness.” She continues, “I believe different things at different points in your life will bring that to you and it’s not always cut and dry. It could be travelling, doing a fun new project, starting a family, or building a company. The most successful person is always the happiest person, and not the other way around. If I can keep a smile on my face, I have conquered all that I need to.”

Photograph courtesy of Dynamite

When it comes to making herself feel dynamite, Skriver says she relies on daily self-affirmations. “It is so important to love yourself and to be positive when looking in the mirror. It’s not always easy but every morning I try to wake up and tell myself, ‘You are a woman! You are strong! You are beautiful!’ Then I get ready, put on an outfit that expresses who I am and how I feel and then start my day ready for whatever the world throws at me.” Clothing plays a key role for Tookes, too, alongside friendship. “I put on my favourite outfit, blast some of my favourite music and get together with my best friends. I think having an amazing support group can make anyone feel dynamite,” she tells FASHION.

Photograph courtesy of Dynamite.

And speaking of clothing, the pair both share the same love of layers when it comes to dressing for fall. “I love being able to mix and match pieces and to mix different cuts, textures and colours,” says Skriver, adding that the Dynamite collection has “the perfect layering pieces” – including the faux leather puffer jacket which is her favourite piece in the whole line-up. “I can wear it with anything – jeans, tights, a dress. You can’t go wrong with it.” Tookes adds, “I love being able to start to wear layers again for fall. It’s a great time to experiment because you can wear dresses, chunky knits, jeans, joggers, tees – almost every item in your closet has a time and place during fall.” As for the pieces she’ll be wearing on rotation from the collection, Tookes points to the camel knit set she wore in the campaign. “It is so cozy and comfortable but also looks so chic. This is an item I could wear everyday. It has quickly become a staple in my closet and will see lots of love this season.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see our favourite pieces from the collection:

Dynamite’s new fall collection is available from today. Shop the full edit here.

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