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Jonah Hill and Pharrell, Both Superstars, Have Their Own Adidas Superstars

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It’s been a good month for the Adidas Superstar. Nowadays, the toe-capped sneaker is as ubiquitous in present-day style as other famous Three Stripes styles, like the throwback Stan Smith or the new-wave Ultraboost. But right now, it’s getting a unusually celebrity-heavy boost. Last week, longtime Adidas collaborator Pharrell reimagined the iconic shoe with fresh materials and funky multi-colored accents. And now, actor-filmmaker-style-god Jonah Hill is here with his own take on the Superstar, a nostalgia-heavy 1990s riff on the style set to drop this weekend.

Let’s start with Pharrell: the un-aging one revamped the beloved silhouette with updated materials and unique colors, rendering the sneaker almost unrecognizable as the Superstar everyone knows and loves. (In just the right way, of course!) The duo of kicks—one white with accents of yellow and green, the other black with brown, purple and aqua—skew futurist and classic in a way that stays highly wearable. (The white colorway has since sold out, but you can still buy the black style.)

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Jonah Hill, meanwhile, brings a completely different approach to his revision of the sneaker. “I started thinking back to all the experiences I had growing up…and tried to make my fantasy version of what I would have wanted when I first started wearing [the Superstar],” he says in the collaboration’s promotional video. For the unlikely style icon and Mid 90s director, that meant pulling from…you guessed it: 1990s skateboarding and fashion. The revised Superstar features a streamlined silhouette with puffed-out stripes on the side. Fat laces complete the ‘90s look. There’s a more personal touch, too: “JH” and “Superstar” are embroidered on the sneaker in his own handwriting.

There’s a reason these disparate approaches both work so well: the Adidas Superstar is a simple and stylishly flexible sneaker. It can be dressed towards whatever look you’re going for. (Jonah is a great case study for the shoe’s versatility: He’s worn the sneaker with black jeans and a faded tee while roaming around New York City and also paired it with a more elevated look for the red carpet.) But if you’re looking for a Superstar that’s already turbocharged with some style-forward flair, then both Pharrell and Jonah Hill have got you covered.

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