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Autumn represents a transitional period in fashion and your wardrobe. It’s a season of layers and thicker materials, of throwing on a light jacket over a long-sleeve shirt to go outdoors. In most of the world, that puffer or thick wool peacoat only comes out midway through December, and until then, heavier cottons in the form of corduroy and tweed have you covered. Yet, while autumn marks a shift globally, it’s a season quintessentially intertwined with the Northeastern U.S. Vast sections of trees, often over rolling hills and mountains from New York state into Maine and even as far down south as the Carolinas, see their leaves change from a crisp, verdant green into warm reds, oranges, and yellows. Leaf-peeping, strictly for the visuals and, as of a decade ago, for the ‘Gram, becomes a thing for roughly a month.

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