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Leather Comeback AW20

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If something never went away, can it actually make a comeback? That kind of depends on what you’re talking about and its degree of cultural saturation. Take camouflage, for instance. It’s one of those patterns that experienced an apex in ‘90s streetwear, never fully disappeared but slank back a bit into a ho-hum casual staple, and went through a high-fashion resurgence, partially through steadfast admiration for late ‘90s streetwear trends, a couple of years ago. A similar swell has taken leather beyond cool-weather staple for AW20, to the point the year’s hottest item that’s not a suit or classic piece is a pair of leather trousers. For decades, the leather jacket has served as the ultimate symbol of rugged masculinity through multiple lenses. Through one perspective, you see a biker – perhaps with a crew or a lone wolf – who takes to the roads with no clear destination but full of a sense of adventure and exploration. His leather jacket’s not just style – it’s a way to be protected against the unpredictable elements and the possibility of road rash.

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