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Luxury Face Shields

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It was bound to happen. Just as Burberry and Off-White introduced luxury face masks back in the spring, Louis Vuitton debuted its luxury face shield in September. Dubbed the LV Shield, Louis Vuitton’s upscale PPE offering looks the part, but its details and design differentiate it from standard clear plastic options. Specifically, a closer look reveals monogram trim, an elastic monogrammed headband to stay in place, and embossed gold studs surrounding its hard-plastic body. In use, its photochromatic construction transitions from clear to tinted once you’re out in the sun. Once flipped up, it resembles a retro yet futuristic visor. At the moment, the LV Shield is retailing for £750 or $961 USD and debuted with Louis Vuitton’s Cruise Collection. Retailers are expected to start carrying it at the end of October, but chances are, like those grailed Off-White face masks, you’ll have a tough time securing one, unless you’re willing to pay for the markup. While it’s easy to dismiss Louis Vuitton’s offering as tone-deaf when many across Europe and the U.S. are feeling the effects of a global recession, or ultra-bougie when, just months ago, PPE was scarce, it also begs the questions: Who is luxury PPE for, and beyond the façade and symbol, is it actually effective?

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