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Making Sense of Minimalist Menswear

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We’re living in an antithetical Horders world. Contrary to the image of homes (and wardrobes) packed to the gills in all sorts of stuff, this post-Marie Kondo landscape means paring down (and even paring down again) your belongings. That “Does it spark joy?” concept has even crept into the aesthetically excessive streetwear market: Back in February, multiple sources reported that saw an influx of listings. If you’re not caught up in the hype (and don’t want to spend a month’s salary on Depop), it’s a simple solution for grabbing that impossible-to-find collab collection. But, this to-the-bare-minimum approach that’s an inch above ascetic has also shed light on minimalist menswear, and what it means, in this day and age, to truly keep things down to basics. For a head’s up, it’s far more than cleaning out your wardrobes and feeling satisfied. Although, that idea itself makes a solid starting spot. Let’s explore what it means to be minimalist in a menswear sense:

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