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Maskne Is a Real Thing–This Is Everything Experts Want You to Know

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There’s no doubt that the beauty buzzwords of 2020 look a little different to what any of us could have imagined. Back in January, we were convinced that 2020 would be the year of tranexamic acid, brow lamination and glow-boosters, however many months (and what feels like lives) have passed, and the things we forecast to be big news have been trumped by the likes of at-home treatments and DIY dye jobs.

There is one term though that has ruled the 2020 beauty space for the last five months, and that word is maskne—the name dreamt up by the industry to define breakouts that occur around the mouth and nose area from wearing a protective face mask. From the minute that wearing a face covering in public became a thing, beauty brands far and wide starting trying to flog products to prevent and/or treat maskne. And I have to admit, for the first few months, I was sceptical. I have seen marketing buzz terms like this come and go, and, frankly, giving the consumer yet another thing to worry about in such troubling times felt like total scaremongering.

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