Mogul Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş: Madaline® – Utilizing A Unique Hybrid Bicomponent Nonwoven Technology For Producing Continuous Microfilaments

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BASPINAR-GAZIANTEP, Turkey— November 26, 2020 — Madaline® is a unique hybrid nonwoven technology that uses bico technology composed of polyester (PET) / polyamide  for producing continuous microfilaments. Good mechanical characteristics result in a fabric that will not lose its shape or uniformity, even after heavy use and multiple wash cycles.

Madaline® fabric has unique inherent features like Non-fraying edges,Barrier against house dust mites and high bacterial filtration efficiency (help to prevent odours),Low linting and low pilling,Quick dry, absorbent, breathable which bridges gap between nonwovens and textiles and makes it a perfect fabric for home textile applications.

Since Madaline is low lint product it protects our environment by not having polymer fragments carried away with the wash of water during washing and thereby polluting bodies of water and entering the food chain.  Such microscopic pollution is presently among the most serious environmental concerns.

Mattress, mattress covers and pillowcase; Madaline®, a natural barrier to dust mite particles, with zippered encasings for duvet, mattress and pillows are the best protection against dust mite allergies.  Dust mites and their by-products are trapped within the Madaline® encasing and the allergic sleeper is not exposed to the dust mite allergic threat.  Similarly, bed bugs are trapped within the encasing and cannot move to propagate other parts of the room.

Madaline can also be used for Bedsheets,Matress Protectors and Bedspreads (Hospitals, Institutional, Residential and Home use).

Madaline® is certified by globally recognized ECARF as being ‘Allergy Friendly Products and Services’ .

Since Madaline® requires no treatment for its barrier properties, the fabric’s protective features remain secure, even after multiple washing.

Madaline® also breaths well and does not retain moisture which microorganisms thrive on.  Moisture vapor migrates out of the fabric and it dries very quickly.

Light weight and breathable Madaline® has good thermal insulation to maintain body warmth which all contribute for a good blanket material.  Madaline® is both comfortable and warm without creating a “hot” effect.

Absorbent Madaline®, whether printed or dyed is ideal for  tea towel production.  Light weight, attractive and effective it can be used for home, residential and institutional applications.

Madaline® printed and colored designs,make Madaline® an attractive fabric for table linens, service settings and table runners.  It can be treated for stain resistant, washable, durable, non-linting and low pilling.

Madaline® has unique acoustic properties.  This makes it an excellent choice for wall coverings .Madaline® can be printed, dyed and embossed to create unique, bold and sophisticated looks for walls, ceilings and vertical surfaces. Madaline® is durable and its structure blocks penetration of bacteria.  Treatments include fire retardancy to institutional standards and easy soil and stain release for easy cleaning.

With its multidirectional stability Madaline® is a strong candidate material for window blinds and linings for curtains.  Easy to cut and securely stitch, printed or dyed Madaline® is an attractive fabric to decorative windows and provide shade.  Available treatments include printing, dyeing, coatings, UV absorption, fire retardant and hydrophobic attributes.

Madaline® with extra treatment has been certified  as UV-Label Grade 80, the highest grade of UV protection, per UV Standard 801.

Therefore, curtains with Madaline® fabric are a proper application for hotels, care homes, schools, hospitals and other institutional and residential facilities.

Multi-directional strength, durable, uniform surface, washable, quick drying and breathability are all inherent attributes that make Madaline® a great upholstery fabric.  Also, Madaline® is lint-free and low-pilling which makes it a superior upholstery material compared to microfibers.

Madaline® has exceptional capability for enhanced printing and dyeing for stunning visual effects.    These printed or dyed fabrics can also be laminated with traditional textiles to give the resultant fabric a heavier and ‘full’ feel.

Posted November 26, 2020

Source: Mogul Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

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