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My Eyebrows Doubled in Size After Making These 6 Sneaky Changes

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It might sound crazy, and I’m never one to preach any type of diet to others, but whenever I’m prioritising a healthy lifestyle, my hair seems to take major growth and shine cues. When I went 100% plant-based with Sakara for a two-week challenge last year (which I then extended for a few more months), my hair had honestly never looked better, and my friends and family couldn’t believe how long my hair got. And my brows, which had hit a little bit of growth plateau, also seemed to benefit.

As holistic nutritionist and friend Meryl Pritchard has shared with me, consuming a combination of vitamins (especially B!), healthy fats and protein—either animal or plant-based—is essential for encouraging healthy hair growth. Due to my busy lifestyle, I’ve found plant-based and organic meal-delivery systems incredibly helpful for keeping me accountable and ensuring I’m getting a regular feed of hair-enhancing, nutrient-dense meals.

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