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My First Home Campaign with Local Heroes

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I first moved to London in 2012 which was the same year I set up MenswearStyle. I moved with my then girlfriend from Leeds to a nice little 1 bed flat in Belsize Park. After 2 years of paying £1300 a month we started to think more about how much of a waste of money that was, and how it would be better spent paying off our own mortgage. We had no deposit, so we put together a rapid saving plan. We moved to a tiny bedsit where we could almost touch the oven from our bed, and after just a year we had enough saved up for a deposit on a 1 bed property in Pinner. We had gone from the celebrity packed zone 2 to a sleepy village feel in zone 5, but we were on the property ladder and that is all that mattered to us. Looking back there are certainly some pointers and tips I can give to any first time home buyer. Some things we got right and some things not so right, but we’re already at the stage where we’re looking for our bigger second home.

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