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My Saved Tab on Instagram Is Full of Perfect September Outfits

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I’ll be the first to admit that I spend a lot of time on Instagram, especially during the pandemic. While I might have lost the plot to films and TV shows I’m “watching” thanks to endless scrolling, I have something to show for it: great outfit ideas. And in my line of work, that matters. As you might imagine, I see an endless array of outfit combinations, and while there are plenty that aren’t quite right, there are many that stop me in my tracks.

Case in point: I’ve followed Amy Julliette Lefévre (who goes by the IG handle @lefevrediary) for a while, and a few weeks ago, I came across the perfect outfit—an oversize blazer, a white T-shirt, jeans and slouchy socks with classic white trainers. The look was pure 2020: modern but with a vintage, slightly ’80s twist. I immediately saved it to my September-looks folder (because I do that sort of thing). Before I knew it, I’d saved loads of other looks that I know will be amazing for the coming month. 

There are the trousers-and-blazer combos that are ideal for the in-between weather. But I’ve also found plenty of dress-and-boots ensembles, which allow you to extend the life of your summer frocks. The key thing to remember is that this is the time of year when you might still be able to wear sandals one day but have to throw on ankle boots the next. Ready to see which outfits I’ve saved? Keep scrolling.

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