New Spinnova venture to boost commercial prospects

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JYVÄSKYLÄ – Fibre innovator Spinnova is partnering with the world’s largest pulp producer Suzano to build the first commercial scale Spinnova production site in Finland by 2022.

Suzano, situated in Brazil, will invest 22 million (US$26.8m) to help establish the facility – a figure that could rise to €50m (US$61.1m) when real estate is factored in – and will also supply the site with micro-fibrillated cellulose obtained from eucalyptus on its land in South America.

“Suzano uses only planted trees in its production processes. This renewable raw material is being combined with Spinnova’s technology for producing fibres that are more sustainable than the options currently available in the textile industry, which is aligned with the demands of contemporary society”, said Fernando Bertolucci, chief technology and innovation officer at Suzano.

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