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Based in Bath, Somerset, FRAHM was created by two best friends – Jason Tripp and Nick Hussey. They make a maximum of 100 high-end men’s jackets of each style once a year, selling on pre-order due to their scarcity. They feel jackets from the big brands don’t do what they’re supposed to. If they’re technical, they look awful; but if they’re stylish, they don’t work properly or last long enough. FRAHM is a men’s brand that’s a bit more thoughtful and kinder. The brand is officially ‘In Aid Of’ Mind, the mental health charity, where they give £10 from every jacket sold, and work with them to promote men’s mental health. Their multi-purpose jackets are built to work in both urban and rural environments. Detailed and easy to care for, they’re also designed to be tough, for real-world use. The founders built the brand to straddle the space between out-there fashion brands and unsexy technical gear, made by skilled craftspeople. FRAHM only sell small batches of one jacket style at a time, and once that batch has gone, it’s gone.

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