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Not All Shoes and Trousers Go Together, But These Combinations Sure Do

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As someone who avoided wearing trousers for the best part of twenty years, I’ve always found it increasingly difficult to style them—particular where shoes are concerned. Often, I’ll compile my looks from head-to-toe, starting with a statement top, the accompaniment bottom-half, then finishing with footwear. However, I tend to find myself slipping on every shoe I own (trust me—there are a few), unconvinced that any of them suit my strides.

Some prove too chunky, while others make me feel frumpy; either way, it’s not a very enjoyable experience. As such, I set about to find out which styles of shoes should be worn with which styles of trousers once and for all. 

After lengthy try-on sessions and copious amounts of Instagram scrolling, I think I’ve cracked the perfect footwear and trouser formulas. Below, you’ll find four key trouser silhouettes, each boasting three shoe options that work specifically with them.

Keep scrolling to see my edit of stylish shoes to wear with trousers. 

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