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Of All the Shoes in the World, These Are the Only 7 I’d Wear With Jeans

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We all know how versatile a pair of jeans can be. After all, what other garment can take you from work (some offices, at least) to the weekend to nights out with the same stylish flair and universal appeal?

However, their ease is often dependent on another item: footwear. Shoes have the power to instantly change the mood of your jeans. For example, for a cocktail party, a pair of bejewelled heels will elevate your classic blues to glamorous new heights. Similarly, ballet pumps will add polish to ripped or frayed-hem jeans—simply add a tailored blazer and a button-up blouse and you’ve got yourself a chic workwear ensemble.

So which shoes would I recommend wearing with jeans? I’m glad you asked. I’ve whittled down the shoes to wear with jeans that I truly believe work for just about every occasion you can think of.

Keep scrolling to see seven shoes-and-jeans combinations validated by the style elite, and then proceed to shop the outfits for yourself.

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