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Out of All of the French Skincare Brands, This One Is by Far the Most Underrated

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And I think the truth is that whereas other French skincare heroes in my cabinet cater to congestion (and therefore offer up visually dramatic results), Vichy is the more modest, quiet underdog. Formulated with the brand’s signature thermal spa water that’s rich in minerals and antioxidants, Vichy products as a whole are healing, soothing, refreshing and, most importantly, radiance-boosting.

But that’s not to say that it doesn’t offer up some hard-hitters, too. Take for instance its Normaderm range, which helps to tackle blemishes with minimal irritation, and let us not forget about the famous Dermablend, a high-coverage makeup line with the ability to camouflage even the most intense of rosacea flare-ups.

So yes, since falling back in love with my hero Vichy products, I think it’s fair for me to conclude by saying that, frankly, Vichy deserves a little more credit. It might not be the most commonly recommended brand by dermatologists and it definitely doesn’t make any miracle claims, but if you ask me, it’s the closest thing to French-girl skin in a bottle that I’ve ever found.

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