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Out of Hundreds of New Shoes, These 11 Have Defined the Year Thus Far

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Avid Who What Wear readers won’t need a PHD in behavioural science to know that I’m madly, deeply, insatiably consumed with shoes. They are my vice, my catnip, my one true love (outside of my husband), and as such as I am often a bell-weather in the office for what’s hot (and what’s not) in the world of footwear. I don’t buy every new pair of It shoes that comes along, but I certainly document, analyse and consider what they might bring to my wardrobe/life. 

This year has been a particularly strong start in the shoe world, with multiple, entirely different styles trending more than almost anything else we’ve seen. I’ve said before that a great pair of shoes can bring a worn-out outfit into the here and now, but it would seem that everyone else currently agrees with me. Rather than a fully brand-new look head-to-toe, influencers are cementing their 2019 credibility by snapping up the exact styles that define each of the year’s biggest shoe trends. What’s more is that a shoe trend will last far longer than seasonal clothing—a decent pair of flats, even the most recognisable or “designed” types, can have more longevity than a trending top, for example. So not only are the below hot-to-trot right now, they’re going to be worthwhile purchases for the future. 

Keep scrolling to see and shop the It shoes of 2019, thus far. I know I will be…

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