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Femininity in menswear sails along an undulating path, or rises into floral prints, lace fabrics, and shades of pink, before it falls somewhere down back past burgundy, purples, and higher waists into the nadir of navy and other neutrals. The swell itself peaks often with a clear foray into pink: not just a splash via a pocket square or subtle inclusion with a check print, but a full-on saturated hue. Although pink eras have periodically punctuated menswear for decades, a full-on sine wave started in the early 2000s and hasn’t quite let up since. Somewhere around 2017, darker, dusty rose hues infiltrated the array, and last year, Millennial pink saw its lifespan extended by one more summer. Now, spurred partially by Dior’s and Louis Vuitton’s SS20 suiting presentations this time last year, this year is about the barely-there blush-pink hue: rose if you want to be literal, or rosé for a dated yet nonetheless recognisable pop culture touch point.

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