Raeburn launches range of repurposed military wear

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RAEFOUND launched today (13 June) during digital London Fashion Week, and will initially be sold direct to consumer via the Raeburn website. 

It will also be sold direct to consumers on appointment at the brand’s store in London from 19 June.

“Post Covid-19 we’ll be facing a bigger environmental and inventory crisis than ever before,” the company told Drapers.

“The impact on our planet to continuously satisfy human consumption is devastating, with close to 100 billion pieces of clothing made each year worldwide. We overproduce, we over consume and we waste too much. We need to stop making more stuff.” 

The first collection focuses on the European militaries of the UK, France, Austria and Holland. The provenance of each item will be discoverable via a QR code.

Each piece has been selected for ”its inherent functionality, wearability, durability and unique style” and is first wear-tested, and then quality-checked at the lab. 

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