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Reviving Monochrome Dressing in 2019

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Ask a few menswear specialists about monochrome dressing, and you’re sure to get a different answer from each. Oftentimes, the term gets applied to strict black-and-white ensembles: The typical suit with a white button-down, all the way to Americana-leaning black chinos with a white crew and moto jacket. On the other hand, going back to 2014, it meant dressing head-to-toe in one shade – a trend seen at the time amongst streetwear brands. Then, more recently, monochrome has evolved to encompass tonal dressing: Not so much the straightforward, everyman version espoused by Queer Eye’s Tan France to men that find anything above jeans and a tee a challenge but to full ensembles covering a wider range of colour tones. It’s the man that pairs his charcoal suit with a light-grey knit underneath and matches it with a jet-black belt and lace-ups.

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