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Rosie Just Shared the 9 Beauty Essentials She’s Packing for Her Summer Holiday

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When it comes to packing for my own summer holiday, the baggage allowance isn’t something that enters my realm of thought. I’m a “just in case” kind of packer who travels with items of clothing for every type of weather and potential emergency. (Side note: Why, as soon as I leave the country, do multiple spare pairs of knickers become so essential to my wellbeing?) As you can imagine, my travel-beauty stash isn’t a whole lot more refined. Without fail, my hand-luggage essentials will refuse to be contained to a single plastic bag, meaning that my poor husband is forced to carry through face mists, sheet masks and lip balms that I have decanted into his own half-filled wash bag.

So I was somewhat ecstatic when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley took to Instagram this week to share her own edit of beauty essentials for her summer holiday. The number of products in total? Nine. Oh, Rosie, you put me to shame.

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