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SJP’s Real-Life Looks Are Better Than Her Sex and the City Outfits

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It’ll hardly come as a surprise when I say that I love Sex and the City. As a woman who works in journalism and fashion, it’s no shockers that I love a TV programme about a fashion writer who lives in New York. Like a Monty Python fan who obsessively recites the funniest lines from The Holy Grail, there are plenty of outfits of Carrie‘s that I still think about and will often reference.

The pink Oscar de la Renta gown she wore to the ballet. The newspaper Dior dress. Or how about the Prada look she wore to Smith’s theatre debut? All of these outfits will remain some of my favourites ever seen on screen, but there are some others that are best forgotten: Off the top of my head, there’s the pinstripe suit she wore for her first day at Vogue, her confusing love of flat caps and her even more odd choice of cycling shorts (yes, I know people love them right now, but I’ll never be on board).

All of this reflection on Carrie’s wardrobe leads me to one conclusion: Sarah Jessica Parker’s style is much better than her most famous character’s. As I said, while there are plenty of Bradshaw looks I still love, in general, SJP’s ensembles are far more superior. Call it age or just a love of good taste but Sarah consistently nails it when it comes to her style.

From spectacular looks for the Met Gala to just classic jeans and a nice top outfit, SJP knows how to dress with elegance but is by no means boring. With that in mind, allow me to take you through some of her best ever looks. “Sorry Carrie, I can’t. Don’t hate me.”

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