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Skincare-Infused Makeup Is the Biggest Beauty Trend of AW20, And I’m Here for It

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While I really do love and appreciate makeup and all of its beauty, what I really don’t appreciate is what it does to my skin. Just one day wearing a full-coverage base will likely leave my face dry, upset and plagued with breakouts. You see, while most makeup is designed to make you look your best in the short term, the skin likes to breathe, and makeup doesn’t necessarily allow for that. 

While a full-coverage finish was once all anyone wanted, as years have gone on, trends have moved toward a more approachable, fresh-faced look. And we’ve been championing it from the get go, because what’s not to love about natural-looking glowy skin? The issue, however, is that the majority of us still itch for a little bit of coverage. And thus, we enter the vicious cycle of wanting to embrace a clear complexion, disguising blemishes with breakout-inducing makeup formulas and then breaking out all over again.

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