Solar power can help Bangladesh in energy independence: Solar EPC event highlights

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An overwhelming number of leaders across industries unanimously agree that solar energy is the way forward to mitigate the industrial development spree of Bangladesh. And aid Bangladesh’s industries to attain much-needed energy independence.

Figure 1: A number of leaders across industries along with Solar EPC team posing after the event.

They voiced this opinion at the grand event organized by the country’s leading and fastest-growing solar power project developer and consultancy firm – Solar EPC Development Ltd. (SEPC) on 12 March at the Kurmitola Golf Club, Dhaka.

Leaders from various industries opined that solar power is enabling the country with improved energy independence – as the govt. wants to generate 40% of energy from renewable energy sources by 2041, enhanced sustainability and corporate responsibility, and increased property value and marketability.

Humayun Kabir Salim, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Cash Incentive, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) said at the event, “The whole world is currently suffering from high-energy prices since the Ukraine-Russia war. We all are working to find a sustainable energy alternative. And we think that renewable energy is the best alternative at the moment. Most importantly it is cheap and it has no carbon emission like other conventional sources.”

“Local industries – especially the textile and apparel industry have made great strides in rooftop solar energy in the last two to three years. I want to give special thanks to Solar EPC for their top-notch quality and service.”

Emamul Kabir, General Manager – Commercial, Legal and Compliance in his presentation said, “Land scarcity is the main constraint for developing IPP Solar project. However, industrial rooftops enable the door of solar project development. Solar EPC is playing an important role by implementing rooftop solar projects in numerous factories since 2019.”

“We provide turn-key EPC solutions for rooftop solar projects – a complete range of services, from initial assessment to design, engineering, procurement, installation, and commissioning. We also work as IPP developer, and project management consultancy services for our clients.”

Solar EPC event-2023
Figure 2: Leaders from various industries, representatives from international organizations, ministry officials and participants from around 60 companies graced the event.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, he said, “In face of high energy prices globally, solar-powered produced energy is much cheaper – around BDT 3 – bringing down the production cost to a sustainable level. Whereas, we are paying over BDT 6 for Gas based captive power at the industry level or more per unit of electricity – when using grid or diesel-generated electricity.”

Regarding why industrialists should choose Solar EPC as their partner, Emamul Kabir said, “Solar EPC’s experienced team leverages the latest technology and industry best practices to provide its clients with high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable solar energy solutions.”

“In addition, Solar EPC focuses on using only Tier-1 PV modules, top-ranked inverters, high-quality mounting structures, and top-notch cables and components ensuring the utmost level of performance and reliability for companies’ rooftop solar solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the project, from the initial assessment to the final commissioning, is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety.”

Solar EPC team
Figure 3: Solar EPC team.

He also added the portfolio of Solar EPC’s partners who has successfully installed rooftop solar projects. Emamul Kabir said, “We have installed a state-of-the-art 2.8MW rooftop solar project at AKH Knitting and Dyeing Ltd. (AKDL) extension unit in Manikganj. This was one of the biggest-scale rooftop solar projects in 2022. A 425.70 KWp rooftop solar project in Ananta Companies and ongoing a total 3.9 MW Projects.

Emamul Kabir also highlighted Solar EPC’s other key services including:

  1. Free site survey: SEPC will perform a free site survey to assess the feasibility of a rooftop solar solution and help clients understand the potential benefits.
  2. Assessment: SEPC’s team will perform an initial assessment of clients’ property to determine the feasibility of a rooftop solar solution and help them understand the potential benefits.
  3. Design and engineering: SEPC will design and engineer a customized rooftop solar solution that meets customers’ specific energy needs, budget, and goals.
  4. Project finance advisory: SEPC offers project finance advisory services to help companies find the best financing options for their rooftop solar solution.
  5. Procurement: SEPC will procure all the necessary components and equipment, including Tier-1 PV modules, top-ranked inverters, high-quality mounting structures, and top-notch cables and components.
  6. Installation: SEPC’s team of experts will install the rooftop solar system, ensuring that all work is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety.
  7. Testing: After the installation is complete, SEPC will test the system to ensure that it is operating properly and that all performance and safety requirements are met.
  8. Commissioning: SEPC will commission the system to ensure that it is operating properly and that all performance and safety requirements are met.
  9. After-sales service: SEPC offers ongoing after-sales services to ensure that its clients’ rooftop solar system continues to perform at their best.

Later, Ezaz Al Qudrat A Mazid, Founder and Managing Director of Solar EPC Development Ltd. thanked all the participants.

At the event, representatives from GIZ and IDLC also presented their presentations. Participants from around 60 companies graced the event.

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