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After a bit of a turbulent year, I wanted to end on a high and celebrate all the things that I love so much about my job. Without question the most important thing about my day-to-day is the people I work with, so I decided to tap into my network and bring a bit of festive cheer by shooting the portraits of 24 people who I find inspirational in the menswear world. These are people who I have worked with, some who I would like to work with and all of them inspire me or have inspired my photography journey in one way or another. Here’s the first 9 that I have released so far, and be sure to follow me @hannah_miles_photo on Instagram to see the rest each day.

Advent 1 – Richard Biedul 

Richard has been a huge inspiration to my work for so many years. I first shot him a few years back on the streets of London Fashion Week and since then I have admired his content, his impeccable style and his fashion journey from afar. Richard doesn’t know this but back then I said to myself, “when I shoot with Richard Biedul, I’ll know I’m making my way in the menswear fashion world”, and guess what, that shoot happened for this advent project. I had the pleasure of shooting a couple of looks with Richard, who seems to know every shop owner and every well-dressed person walking around Savile Row. His energy, his style and his outlook on life was exactly as I had expected, and it’s no wonder that he has made such a big impact in the menswear scene. Thanks for being a constant inspiration to so many people Richard, and here’s to many more projects to come.

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