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Stüssy’s New Nike Is Cool Enough to Wear All Summer Long

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Leave it to Stüssy to design a Nike sneaker that straddles the line between summer-grade laid-back and next-level stylish. They’re getting pretty good at this thing: This week marks the second 2020 collaboration between the Swoosh and the reigning champs of California cool. A few months back, the duo teamed up for a wildly covetable version of the Air Zoom Spiridon Caged 2. Now Stüssy and Nike have set their sights on the brand-new-but-old Air Zoom Kukini—and it’s the sneaker you’ll want to wear for the rest of the year.

Stssy's New Nike Is Cool Enough to Wear All Summer Long
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Courtesy of Nike

This sneaker plays into the “beautifully ugly runner” vibe seen in the previous release, with a sporty silhouette, if-you-know-you-know design tweaks, and all-around kooky ’90s energy. The Kukini comes outfitted with a web-like wraparound cage that runs from heel to toe to keep the wearer’s foot nice and snug, and spiritually embedded somewhere between 1998 and 2045. The collaboration is rounded out with a range of breezy, relaxed, sand-friendly clothing, with Stüssy classics like bucket hats, windbreakers, and beach pants and shorts. Everything is lightweight and made of quick-drying fabrics—perfect for summertime and beyond.

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Courtesy of Nike

Stüssy has managed to check two very different (but equally important) boxes with this collection, which drops via the brand’s online shop on July 24: loud, borderline rave-worthy sneakers on the one hand and mellow SoCal beach gear on the other. It’s hard to imagine a better way to dress up the rest of your summer.

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