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Styling a Hoodie

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You might think that a hoodie is best for lounging around at home, but this overlooked and occasionally maligned item of clothing can be an integral part of a stylish outfit. Hoodies have mainly shaken off the “hug a hoodie” stigma of being associated with teenage thugs (though they’re still banned by various organisations from time to time). Famously, Mark Zuckerberg has worn grey t-shirts and hoodies for years. So if you want to add a hoodie to your ensemble, how should you wear it? First, it’s important to get the right hoodie. You don’t want a one that’s emblazoned with a huge logo, one that has a slogan on, or one that’s neon green. Instead, you need a plain design in a colour that will team well with other pieces in your wardrobe: think grey, black, white, or navy for example.

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