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Sustainability in fashion has been the buzzword for the avant garde of the fashion world for quite a while. Environmental protection is an issue that effects everybody. Carus Jewellery, an online antique and vintage jewellery store was founded with this very much in mind. First world people are the greatest contributors to environmental damage. As such we have a responsibility to find ways to reduce our impact on it. As a movement it has become mainstream to be conscious of the global impact of our daily actions. The choices are not black and white, they are different shades of grey, as with most ethical choices we have to make, sustainability is an ideal, we have to make incremental changes and choices, with an eye to being more conscious. During the recession, particularly in the fashion schools, as the students were struggling to find materials for their projects, they found that there was an abundance of material in charity shops and markets. This experience has changed the perspective of the younger generation to the acceptability of using vintage materials in their art and work.

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