Textile chemical regulation continues to evolve

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Although life as we know it has been placed on hold for much of the last year or so, the legislative wheels have continued to turn and, for those working at home without access to the usual company or multi-stakeholder meetings, there are a few things to catch up on.

ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) love an acronym and they’ve just launched the SCIP database which lists Substances of Concern in Products – which is a list of products that have been placed on the EU market that contain substances that have been categorised by ECHA as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs).

REACH, the EU’s flagship chemical legislation, is designed to be like a conveyor belt onto which chemicals are thrown if anyone believes there are valid concerns about their potential to harm humans, animals or the environment. It’s a bit like an airport security check – but one where most things are shuttled off to the side for the authorities to examine and only a few continue for collection in order for chemical users to carry on their journey.

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